For Him

Let us guide you in the discovery of our Parri’s “Safari” Made in Florence collection. Appreciate the tactile experience of exotic leathers – crocodile, ostrich and python- and sense the essence of the wilderness through the veritable colours of the new selection


For those who appreciate fashion combined with perfect craftsmanship:

Document case in fine ostrich leather with external pocket, zip closure and leather lining

35 x 25 cm (available in crocodile, ostrich and calf skin)


Connect business with elegance.

Camera case men’s bag in crocodile with shoulder/ wrist strap, external pocket and leather lining 25 x 18cm (available in crocodile, ostrich and calf skin)

Messenger bag in rugged crocodile with shoulder strap and leather lining 38 x 30cm (available in crocodile, ostrich and calf skin)


Created for those in search of and article of quality that is easy to wear and practical in any situation:

Briefcase in finest grade calfskin with  shoulder strap, zipper opening, external pocket and leather lining

40 x 28cm (available in crocodile, ostrich and calf skin)