Where can I purchase a Parri's product?


Parri’s fine leather products can be purchased exclusively through Parri’s boutique in via Guicciardini, Florence or by contacting our sales staff at info@parris.it. They will be happy to provide you with further information regarding the procedure for purchasing online.


Why is it sometimes necessary to wait in order to receive one of our fine leather products?


All our products are created by expert artisans who follow rigid procedures to ensure the highest quality. We work, for the greatest part, with fine exotic skins, natural materials which require meticulous selection by the maison Parri’s. For these reasons, it may at times be necessary to employ several weeks to create the Parri’s product of your choice.


I can't find the product of my choice on the website.
How should I proceed? 


The Parri’s website represents a selection of articles which best represent the mood of the moment,  the selection is therefore being constantly updated. We invite you to contact our Customer Service at info@parris.it where they will be happy to assist you with your search.


Does Parri's offer a service of personalization?


Parri’s proposes various options for personalization, for example, you may like your initials on the product or you may like to order a personalized version of one of our existing designs. For more information, we invite you to contact our sales consultants in our boutique in Florence or to contact them through info@parris.it.


Are there other products apart from those displayed on
the website?


Parri's offers a wide range of products including handbags and travel bags, wallets and credit card cases, belts for ladies and for men, jackets and coats for ladies and for men, knitted wear/, luxury fur coats in sable, chinchilla, mink, etc..